We bring your vision to life.

From an idea, to a plan, to reality.

We Are Sprucehill Design.

Time to refresh that kitchen?

Drag that powder blue bathroom into the 21st century?

Reorganize the walls of your house to fit how you live better? 

Then go no further. Allow our talented and friendly design team to bring your vision to life. Literally. The software we use allows us to create simple 3D Renderings of any space of your home on the fly. With a little more time, we can create lifelike ones. You will struggle to see the difference between rendered and real (once it’s built of course).

Our Services

Kitchens & Bathrooms

They are the hardest working rooms in your home. Let’s make them work for you and your family. We have limitless ideas to improve these spaces and make being home more enjoyable. Check out Our Process page to learn more about how we are here to help and serve you.

Whole Home Renovations & Additions

Sometimes our homes stop working for us, but we still love our neighbourhood and don’t want our kids to transfer schools. Then it’s time to decide: minor renovation, major renovations, addition(s) or move.

The cost of moving is considerable. You can calculate what your move might cost here: Moving Calculator. Unless your neighbors are outside cranking their tunes everyday or you just don’t enjoy the neighborhood anymore, usually the math makes sense to stay put and work with what you have. 

As we were renovators and builders before launching our design business, we have figured out how to take uncertainty and crush it.

Budget? We know how to consistently deliver accurate and realistic budgets (they may not be what you want to hear, but they are truthful).

Schedule/Timelines? We have been doing this since 2009. We have yet to create a schedule we could not meet or beat.

BUT WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?? Well, we have that covered too. The software we use to create your floorplans allows us to create 3D renderings on the fly. With a little extra time, we can create extremely life-like renderings to really give you the feel of what your new space(s) might look like. 

Our mission in design is to find the intersection of form, function, and budget. 

Designer On Call

Don’t know where to start? Not sure what is possible? Need a tiebreaker for that design decision that is causing silence at the dinner table? Whether you are in the preliminary stages of considering a build or renovation, ready to start right or already under construction; we can help. We are just a phone call or email away…



Our project went really smoothly and with minimum disruption to our day to day lives thanks to the efficient management and quality of sub-trades used. It was refreshing to work with a contractor who was honest and upfront in the project; providing a realistic budget, project timelines and everything in between. It was great working with Sprucehill and we would strongly recommend you to anyone starting a reno project on the North Shore.

Karen & Alistair